Think City Grants Programme

This public grants programme provides financial support for projects by individuals or organisations that aim to improve cities. Projects may range from physical improvement of buildings with heritage value to cultural activities that strengthen community ties.

Our Objectives

Urban Rejuvenation

Encourage the urban rejuvenation of our historic cities to preserve culture and heritage.

Civil Society Driven

Aid initiatives by civil societies and other private sector organisations in an effort to develop private-public partnerships.

Heriatge, Culture & Agriculture

Create awareness amongst locals to enhance their capacity and capabilities towards the protection of living heritage, culture, and architecture.

Sustaineable Development

Inspire a lifestyle of sustainable development with the aim of creating liveable environments.

Type of Grant

Project & Booster Grant

Have an ongoing project that needs some help? Apply for a Booster Grant to see your initiative take off and meet its full potential! Applicants are expected to provide evidence that the project will develop into a self-sustaining entity.

Additional financial projections, specifically details of income generated, must be provided.

Repayable Grant

Individuals who own property of significant heritage value are encouraged to apply for a repayable grant. If the restored property is sold within a ten-year period, the owners would have to repay the grant in full with no interest charged.

However, if the allotted time expires the grant is no longer repayable.

Matching Grant

This type of grant was created to cater to urban regeneration projects that involve a major public component. Some of the key areas involve issues of mobility, greening, waste-management, drainage, and public markets.

Technical Assistance and Capacity Building Grants.

Special grants that are awarded for technical expertise (in conservation and urban rejuvenation) and capacity building for public programmes.


The Think City JB Film Grants began in 2017 as a trial programme. Thanks to the encouraging participation from budding filmakers and positive feedback from all stakeholders, the JB Film Grants is now a permanent feature of Think City’s offering.

The JB Film Grant Programme was created to support local independent filmmakers by providing a platform for them to showcase their talent and creativity. Aside from financal support, the entire programme includes workshops, mentorship and a final screening to external parties in order to improve the final product as well as produce better talent that can eventually compete in the international stage.

This is made possible by partnering with experienced local and international filmmakers who provide invaluable knowledge and insights to participants throughout the entire programme duration.

If you are a producer, scriptwriter of all round film enthusiast, Think City Johor Bahru invites you to apply for a Film Grant!

For more information, visit or contact Faezah Ayub at

Principles & Priorities

  • 1

    Catalytic effect towards a sustainable city

  • 2

    Contribution to Think City’s Outstanding Universal Values

  • 3

    Public realm work of historic significance

  • 4

    Improvements to economic and social conditions

  • 5

    Overall financial viability

  • 6

    Financial need for grant demonstrated

  • 7

    Encouragement of intercultural networking

  • 8


  • 9

    Sustainability of development

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