About Us

What We Do
Our Story

From humble beginnings as a grants agency, we have evolved into an established city-making organisation that aims to change the way cities are planned, developed and celebrated.

Who We Are
Who We Are

From architects to historians to investment analysts, the team's diverse expertise is reflected in the range of initiatives under our portfolio.

Who We Work With
Who We Work With

Our multi-tiered approach to collaboration enables us to connect governments, local communities, and the private sector. Additionally, access to an international network of experts helps us deliver quality initiatives.

How We Do It
Our Approach

Think City works to regenerate hollowed out urban areas through creative solutions, shaping better cities for its citizens.

Our Approach

Recognising that there is no cookie-cutter formula to urban regeneration, we experiment with different solutions, guided by a strong body of research.

Small initiatives are carried out continuously and consistently, which in time we believe will catalyse long-term change, in what we call 'The Power of Small'.

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Think City's unique city making approach.

1. Discovery

Explore and research issues to understand the context of the problem from multiple perspectives.

2. Ideation

Explore potential ideas and solutions with various stakeholders to address the problem.

3. Prototype/Pilot

Develop a working prototype or conduct a pilot to test and demonstrate the solution's effectiveness.

4. Implementation

Implement the solution in its entirety.

5. Replication

Where applicable, replicate and roll-out the solution across Think City's network.