WUF9 at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre

An estimated 25,000 city-enthusiasts from around the world will be participating in WUF9 at the KL Convention Centre. This is an exciting opportunity to learn more about urban issues around the world through talks, roundtable discussions and more.

Below are a list of talks by Think City and its partner organisations. For the full programme of WUF9 at KLCC, please visit www.wuf9.org.

Think City helps to bridge the gap between local government and the community through a number of initiatives including a public grants programme, placemaking and capacity building, to enhance the role of communities in shaping public realm projects, and enhancing the liveability of their city.

The work of Think City is closely aligned with the New Urban Agenda, giving a voice to marginalised and disadvantaged groups, building vibrant and inclusive communities through the leveraging of cultural heritage.

The organisation works with local government, community groups, NGOs, international organisations and civic society to deliver the transformation needed in postindustrial urban settings.

Following the presentation there will be a panel discussion featuring some of Think City’s partner organisations and community representatives that have been a part of the journey of community focused urban regeneration.