1. What is The Penang Story?
      The Penang Story is an expansion of the original concept with a special emphasis on the history of place, the confluences that contributed to the making of Penang’s “spirit of place”; and all this by concentrating on Penang’s “place” in global history.
      The Penang Story was a project jointly organised by Star Publications & the Penang Heritage Trust in 2001 and 2002 that gave rise to the popularization of local histories; inter-communal and intra-communal awareness of history and cultural identity; publications including a one-year series in The Star and several other Chinese papers; Glimpses of Old Penang (2002), a coffee table book; and four workshops in the vernacular & one international conference. Conference proceedings were published by NUS Press recently as Penang & Its Region (2009).
    2. What is the theme of The Penang Story?
      This new chapter of the Penang Story is themed “Penang in Global History”, whereby special emphasis will be placed on Penang as a place of “conjunctures and confluences”. The theme highlights the cosmopolitan society that contributed to the making of Penang’s “spirit of place”; and all this by concentrating on Penang’s multi-ethnic community and their contribution to global history.
    3. What is objective of The Penang Story?
      The Penang Story hopes to promote a wider appreciation of history as a way to strengthen the special identity of George Town within the larger context of state and nation. One reason for UNESCO listing is George Town’s multicultural and multiethnic communities and the unique material and “spiritual” identity arising from their connections with their place of origin; the ideas they brought and nurtured; and most importantly, the fruition of a distinct George Town heritage as a result of the co-mingling of these communities. The original Penang Story initiative encouraged Penangites to focus on the different ethnic and cultural communities that built up George Town. Meanwhile, the expanded version of this project not only continues the journey but expands it by “re-discovering” Penang’s place in global history meaning Penang’s influence on world affairs; and world affairs that “came” to Penang.
    4. What are the anticipated outcomes?
      The project aspires to garner a greater sense of solidarity amongst locals particularly stakeholders in George Town. It also hopes for a greater understanding of Penang’s role as a place attractive to talent and a refuge where ideas germinate and return to influence world affairs.
      Ultimately it is hoped that all communities will be proud of their own heritage whilst having great respect for the traditions and history of other communities. They will also become aware of how their communities have contributed to Penang’s development and progress.
    5. Who are the main players involved in the project?
      The project is driven mainly by The Penang Story chairman Dato’ Anwar Fazal, Penang Heritage Trust’s President Khoo Salma Nasution and Think City Sdn Bhd’s Programme Director Dr Neil Khor.
    6. Who are the partners?
      The joint partners of this project are the Penang Heritage Trust and Think City Sdn Bhd. While the associate partners include academics from Universiti Sains Malaysia, from Cambridge and London Universities, and the Malaysian Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society (MBRAS).
    7. How is the programme funded?
      This project is currently solely funded by Think City Sdn Bhd.
    8. Are there publications on The Penang Story lectures?
      Think City Sdn Bhd publishes a small booklet for each of the Penang Story Lectures that are given out free of charge to participants. The booklet is a keepsake that contains synopsis of the talk, the speakers, moderators and an essay pertaining to the subject matter.
    9. How can I get involved?
      Among those who may be interested in participating include:

      1. Academicians and scholars with an interest in Penang, Malaysia or the Southeast Asian region.
      2. Government officials in archives, museum, culture, tourism, conservation
      3. Libraries, socio-cultural institutions and organisations.
      4. Local cultural and community organisations.
      5. People of Penang and Penangites living abroad.
      6. Anyone with an interest in the history, heritage or cultures of Penang.
      7. Publishers, writers, media.

      To ensure you are invited to our future lectures and events, we encourage you to provide us with your details by click here

    10. How can I be a partner?
      We welcome those who wish to partner with us on this project:

      1. Knowledge Partner: Actively contributing knowledge to the Penang Stories project and its activities.
      2. Event Partnerships: Actively initiating and participating in partnership activities.
      3. Promoting The Penang Story: Ensuring the promotion of the project and agreeing to the mutual use of organisational name and logo for cross advertisement.
      4. Sponsors: Ensuring the longevity of the project necessitates the partners who are willing to contribute towards this worthy cause.

      If you interested in being a partner, please email agnes.james@thinkcity.com.my