Penang Story Lectures

The Penang Story Lecture Series aims to create awareness about Penang’s history and heritage, focusing on the role of the people of Penang played in local, regional and global histories. The lecture series also aim to explore Penang’s unique “place-identity” and strengthen the enabling factors that continue to make Penang attractive to talent. These public lectures examine a particular theme from a multi-disciplinary perspective.

The public lectures held to date are as follow:

Penang and Asia’s Migrant History
Penang Story Lectures 10
16 December 2013
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The Muslim Trade from Coromandal Coast in relation to Kedah and Penang
Penang Story Lectures 12
9 June 2013
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Penang Story Lectures
Penang Story Lectures 11
16 December 2012
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Life in Malaya under Japanese Occupation
Penang Story Lectures 9
9 November 2012
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Building bridges across the Bay of Bengal: Tagore and his contemporaries
Penang Story Lectures 8
28 August 2012
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Plague Fighter Dr Wu Lien-teh
Penang Story Lectures 7
19 May 2012
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Trade between India and South-east Asia in the Early Modern Period
Penang Story Lectures 6
17 September 2011
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Penang and Bombay: Indian Ocean port cities in the nineteenth century
Penang Story Lectures 5
16 September 2011
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