Brand Guideline

This manual aims to provide you an overall understanding of the Think City brand identity and the guidelines around using them correctly to promote an inspiring and forward-thinking brand.

It is important to follow the guidelines carefully to maintain a clear and consistent visual identity in all our internal and external (e.g. programme beneficiaries and partners) communications. It is the one and only source and reference guide to ensure key branding elements are present and best represented.

Kindly use our logo if you are our collaborator, partner, or if your work is partially or fully funded by Think City.


Our brand signature is a representation of who we are. The Think City brand signature is a representation of the brand and its values. The logo has been refreshed to be current and relevant as Think City evolves in its direction, projects and practices.

The logo projects a robust, balance, active, contemporary and positive personality to our identity. It is proportionately balanced to reinforce our role as neutral leading platform in the urban solutions arena.


All Primary Logos

All Logos with Tagline (ENG)

All Logos with Tagline (BM)


This color proportion demonstrates the ratio of colour usage. The Think City blue and green dominant colours are the primary accents and should be the predominant colours in most layouts. This is to demonstrate the use of the two primary accent colours. When applying the monotone treatment, ensure it is only at 30% of the accent colour. The colours will vary in digital platforms so please follow closely to RGB settings. Please do bear in mind the RGB preview may appear to slightly vary on different screens.

Primary accent - Blue

Pantone Blue 072C
CMYK 100, 97, 3, 3

RGB 0, 15, 159
Hex #000F9F

Primary accent - Green

Pantone Green 3395C
CMYK 86, 0, 65, 0

RGB 0, 192, 139
Hex #00C08B