Strategy & Analytics – Associate/Senior Associate (Spatial Analyst)

Job Description

The Strategy & Analytics (S&A) team focuses on generating evidence-based insights to guide urban policy-making, providing input into decision-making for cities at the strategic as well as tactical levels. We work to pioneer innovative ways of analysing, visualizing and narrating urban issues for the development of strategies and interventions. Our projects include baseline studies, policy/strategy documents, strategic masterplans, and a data analytics platform.

As a Senior Associate or Associate (Spatial Analyst) in Think City’s S&A team, you will be responsible in solving urban problems using data. This includes supporting and developing Think City’s Urban Data Platform, project management, business development and data R&D. The candidate should be able to offer strategic insights based on analysis of complex datasets (e.g. social, economic, environmental) using Geographical Information System (GIS) and must be proficient in ArcGIS and/or QGIS.

Responsibilities include:

  • Perform geospatial analysis in an urban-related domain
  • Use analytical and statistical skills to process, understand, and visualise data
  • Generate insights that inform evidence-based urban policy and strategy for diverse stakeholders (government, private sector, communities)
  • Synthesize and communicate findings to relevant stakeholders via written reports and presentations
  • Assist team members in other tasks including project management, administration, business development, and research and innovation
  • Conduct fieldwork – e.g. on-ground data collection and community engagement

Minimum qualifications:

  • Degree or equivalent in geospatial science, geoinformatics and related fields
  • Advanced skills in GIS software (ArcGIS and/or QGIS)

Minimum years of experience:

  • Associate: Fresh graduates welcomed
  • Senior Associate: Typically 2-5 years of work experience

Kind of Experience:

  • Highly-motivated and willing to learn and work using a holistic approach and in a diverse multi-disciplinary team
  • Interest in a role in a “think and do tank” focused on urban issues and aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Strong research, analytical, and logical thinking skills
  • Strong oral and written communication skills in English with a minimum working knowledge of Bahasa Malaysia
  • Possess an intellectual curiosity and ability to adapt and be flexible
  • Possess good planning, organising, facilitation, and interpersonal skills


  • Critical and analytical thinking
  • Problem solving
  • Agile team player
  • Willingness to learn

Technical Knowledge and Skills:

  • ArcGIS
  • QGIS
  • Project management
  • Business development
  • Data science and visualisation
  • Statistics

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