On the Heritage Trail in Taiping: A Preview of the Muzium Telegraf

Telekom Malaysia launches the Muzium Telegraf

MUZIUM TELEGRAF: On this episode we venture to the historical city of Taiping in the Malaysian state of Perak. Previously a mining town and the capital of Perak from 1876 to 1937, it is one of the very first cities to exist in Malaysia. It goes without saying that Taiping is home to many heritage buildings, and boasts many firsts including the nation’s first hospital, police station, railway station and wet market, among other firsts. The Taiping Heritage Trail, officially launched by the state government in 2015 features over 25 buildings of interest, and will see an exciting addition in the form of the Muzium Telegraf in July 2018.
Story by Maya Tan

Izlyn Ramli, Vice President of Group Branding and Communication, Telekom Malaysia

Izlyn Ramli, Vice President of Group Branding and Communication at Telekom Malaysia and a member of the board of trustees at Yayasan TM, tells us about operating the group’s heritage efforts, views on the heritage economy and how they're taking advantage of technology to enhance the museum experience. Listen to our conversation below.




The Muzium Telekom in Kuala Lumpur was the first heritage endeavour undertaken by Telekom Malaysia and is part of the tourist trail leading from the TM-owned KL Tower. It charts the history of telecommunications with interactive exhibits covering ancient means of communication such as the Batu Bersurat to today's age of convergence.

The Muzium Telekom is housed in a neo-classical building, constructed in 1928 with towering Greek columns, typical of the colonial architectural style in Kuala Lumpur of that time and is one of two heritage buildings preserved by Yayasan TM



The Muzium Telegraph building in Taiping used to be the telecommunications headquarters in the late 1800s, and is the second telecommunications-related historical building in the country. It is also where the country's first ever telegraph was despatched from. A conservation effort under the auspices of Yayasan TM, it was prompted by the official launch of The Taiping Heritage Trail by the Perak government. The Muzium Telegraf will join over 25 historical buildings on the heritage map when it opens its doors in July 2018.

In terms of the historical narrative, the Muzium Telegraf  acts as the precursor to the narrative at the Muzium Telekom, covering aspects of electric telegraph technology, Morse Code, historical episodes such as the Mat Kilau uprising against the British, and more. Listen to the podcast (above) to get a sneak preview of the museum's interactive exhibits, and how telecommunications technology was utilised to enhance the museum experience.

BEFORE and AFTER: The building housing the Muzium Telegraf was in a dilapidated state before it was conserved and converted into a museum. It is also where the country's first ever telegraph was despatched from.









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