Downtown Johor Bahru Grants Programme: Arts, Heritage and Culture

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Iskandar Regional Development Authority (IRDA) in collaboration with Think City has launched the Downtown Johor Bahru Grants Programme: Arts, Heritage and Culture to support community-based initiatives that provide exciting, surprising and meaningful opportunities to rejuvenate Downtown Johor Bahru.

This grant programme supports IRDA’s efforts to build a strong community that contributes to reactivating the heritage core of Downtown Johor Bahru, complementing the Sungai Segget revitalisation project and to make Johor Bahru an amazing place to live.

This grant programme is open to individuals, collectives and organisations nationwide who are interested or are actively contributing to the rejuvenation efforts of Downtown Johor Bahru.

Grant Focus Area

Grant Themes


Deliver high quality content through the curation, publication, digitalisation and interpretation of information that can enhance visitors' experience.


1. Culture related activities that include festivals and outreach events, experiential trails, guided tours, museology, art installations and more.

2. Physical or digital publications that increase understanding and appreciation of the city by the wider public.

3. Usage of technological and digital solutions to promote and improve the cultural interpretation of the city.


Revive, refurbish and repurpose dilapidated buildings and spaces in Downtown Johor Bahru to preserve its urban heritage and elevate liveability and visitor appeal.


1. Restoring old shophouses to preserve their heritage values and enhance the city's appeal.

2. Repurposing unutilised spaces with new use to stimulate social and economic development.

3. Bringing new content into spaces that are underutilised to enhance visitors' experience.


Empower local communities through capacity building and advocacy programmes to contribute to the social and economic activities of the city.


1. Capacity building, knowledge and competencies programmes that contribute to the social and economic goals of the city.

2. Strengthening the local creative economy ecosystem through programmes or activities such as workshops, masterclasses, and seminars.

About The Grant


To catalyse the social and economic transformation of the city through the implementation of sustainable initiatives that inject new content to the area, strengthen community development and improve the appeal of the city.


The amount provided for each grant will be considered on a case-to-case basis up to a maximum of RM50,000. The proposed project should showcase sustainable impact to Downtown Johor Bahru.

We encourage applicants to seek co-investments as the grant programme does not cover 100% of the proposed project costs.


30th May 2022

25th July 2022

25th September 2022


8 weeks


6 weeks from submission deadline

How To Apply

Applications for the grant programme are now closed.

Thank you.


All project funding will be considered on a case-by-case basis, but the maximum amount available is RM50,000 per project.

Yes, as long as you live in Malaysia, have a stake and local partner in a business, property or project in Downtown Johor Bahru, and the proposed projects benefit the local art, heritage or cultural scene.

As long as your proposal targets the community within the Downtown Johor Bahru area and is within the grant themes mentioned above, you are welcome to submit an application.

Yes, please state the secured funding from other sources in the budget template of the application form and provide a letter of interest as evidence.

No, we can only accept one application per grant cycle.

Yes, you are eligible to apply for the grant.

All projects must be completed within 12 months from the time the grant is awarded. However, if the project is delayed due to unforeseen circumstances, please request for an extension of your grant term.

The grant is designed to help supplement the funding of your project and it does not support operational costs such as administrative or overhead costs. We highly suggest that our applicants look for co-funding partners for their proposed projects.

No. This grant programme aims to fund seed projects that will aid in the long-term recovery and resilience of Downtown Johor Bahru. It is to empower individuals or organisations to play an active role in building back better and more sustainably. We are looking for new ideas and content for Downtown Johor Bahru!

You can apply for this grant through a soft copy application form (Download Method) or through an e-form (Online Method). Please note that the committee will accept one application only even though there may be duplications. Should you have any difficulties in the application process, please do not hesitate to contact Think City at or call/WhatsApp at +60 11-6175 6647

All decisions made on the submitted applications are final. We highly recommend seeking guidance from the Think City grants team prior to submitting your application.

We would love to hear from you! Please contact Think City at or call/WhatsApp at +60 11-6175 6647.

The development of Iskandar Malaysia has positioned Downtown Johor Bahru as a heritage and cultural node in view of its unique heritage and cultural assets.

Realising the grassroots participation is crucial in ensuring a more sustainable local, social and economic development, IRDA, in collaboration with Think City has launched the Downtown Johor Bahru Grants Programme : Arts, Heritage and Culture.

Focusing on the heritage core of Johor Bahru, the grant programme aims to reactivate the area with sustainable initiatives that will strengthen and transform Downtown Johor Bahru.

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