Transforming Public Spaces to Community Places

2018-07-05 10:00 AM

21 - 35, Bangunan UAB, Gat Lebuh China, 10300 Penang, Malaysia

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Placemaking is a people-centered approach to reshape public spaces – but what does that really mean? How does it look like, and what is and what is not placemaking?

Think City invites you to join us for a session in George Town with Stipo, a team from the Netherlands focusing on interdisciplinary urban development, to learn more about how to create streets and places for people, and to turn public spaces into great places that people want to be in.

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Speakers’ Profile

1. Hans Karssenberg

Hans is the founding partner of STIPO, team for urban strategy and development. He advises cities, housing providers, developers and NGOs in the Netherlands and internationally. Hans works on

complex urban (re)development and co-creation processes, plinth strategies, development of sustainable working and housing development projects (Club Rhijnhuizen) and host trainings all over

the world to spread the passion for great cities at eye level in Europe, North and South America.

2. Siënna Veelders

Siënna is an urban heritage expert at STIPO. She is project- and community manager for projects all over the Netherlands in inner cities and shares the world of STIPO and The City at Eye Level through trainings and our online channels. She worked on projects in Hong Kong and Myanmar and, together with her colleague Hans and local partners, she is setting up a City at Eye Level Asia projects to spread the passion for great public spaces in Asian cities and connect to the true Asian placemakers.