Southern Most Point: Jalan-jalan JB Book

GRANTEE:  Pavle Radonic
INFO:   A book project by Pavle, a traveler who writes about the experience and stories he gathered from his exploration of JB.

Free Travel Map for Downtown Johor Bahru (JB)

GRANTEE:  Nicholas Sim, Downtown Ride
INFO:   A map to help visitors navigate the streets of downtown JB.

So'Mal Collective Magazine (JB)

GRANTEE:  Miazail Marine Jores, So' Mal Collective
INFO:   A photography magazine documenting the daily life of Johorians.

Soo Peng Hang (SPH) Print House Book (JB)

GRANTEE:  Yap Leong, EHHE GREEN Sdn. Bhd.
INFO:   To document the history of SPH print house, a leading printing factory back in the 1960s. The project also covers the cataloguing of their printing equipment.

Johor Divercity Heritage Trail Map (JB)

GRANTEE:  Wan Rizal, Teach For Malaysia (TFM)
INFO:   A heritage trail mapping exercise by students, building from the existing map, facilitated by TFM.

Sutan Puasa

INFO:   A book that looks at the alternate history of the founding of Malaysia’s capital city – Kuala Lumpur.

Accross The Sea

INFO:   A book about the strip of land across the sea from Penang Island, Seberang Perai.