How to Apply

Three-step guide to submitting a Think City Grants Programme proposal:


The Think City Grants Programme aims to adopt an inclusive approach to ensure grant applicants and recipients, and stakeholders are treated fairly and objectively.

We encourage individuals, communities and organised bodies to apply for the grant with the objective of providing innovative solutions to urban problems.

Email enquiries:

word Grants Application Guide.

word General Grants Application Form.

word Restoration & Conservation Grant Application Form.


All applications of funding or grant must include a completed application form and Project Statement with details of financial projections.

Applicants for Matching/Repayable Grant will also have to include a Conservation Statement prepared by an appropriately qualified and accredited professional adviser.



The types of work we do not fund within the scheme are:

  • Routine maintenance and minor repairs of private property
  • Alterations and private interior work
  • Construction work already underway
  • Any kind of work that detracts from Think City’s Outstanding Universal Values

Program Geran Think City bertujuan menerima pakai pendekatan yang inklusif bagi memastikan pemohon dan penerima geran serta pihak berkepentingan dilayan dengan saksama dan tanpa prasangka.

Kami menggalakkan para individu, masyarakat dan pertubuhan memohon mendapatkan geran berkenaan dengan tujuan memberi penyelesaian yang inovatif kepada masalah-masalah bandar.

Pertanyaan melalui email:

word Panduan Permohonan Geran.

word Borang Permohonan Geran Umum.

word Borang Permohonan Geran Pemulihan & Permuliharaan.