We seek to fund projects with any of the following traits:

  • Urban regeneration initiatives that have a major public component, especially with regards to issues of mobility, greening, public markets, waste management, and drainage.
  • If you own a heritage building or home (over 100 years old) that is in need of adaptation or restoration. Alternatively, if you own a building (over 30 years old) that has heritage or social value you may also be considered for funding. Parties that wish to apply for said grant may refer to the Restoration and Conservation Grant form.
  • Projects focused on strengthening and building community ties to create a better living environment such as building green spaces, establishing a community garden, and community learning centres.
  • Addressing environments at risk – derelict or run-down buildings that pose a health or safety risk to the surrounding community.
  • Research or cultural mapping projects.
  • Projects that intend to bring innovative solutions to lower-income groups that will aid in building a more inclusive society.

Grant Value

Intangible Heritage Grant Amount Estimated Project Duration
Project Grants Up to RM 200,000 6 to 12 months
Booster Grants Up to RM 500,000 Up to 24 months

Physical Heritage Grant Amount Estimated Project Duration
Matching Grants Up to RM 2 million Up to 24 months
Repayable Grants

For all project type Grant Amount Estimated Project Duration
Techincal assistance & capacity building grants Up to Rm 200,000 6 to 12 months

What We Do Not Fund

Maintenance & Repairs

Routine maintenance and minor repairs of private property.

Alteration Works

Alterations and private interior work.

Underway Constructions

Construction work already underway.

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