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Cities around the world are undergoing an unprecedented period of physical, social and economic transformation. Past solutions are quickly proving inadequate and outdated, and new approaches are required for cities to level up. With global events spurring urgent need for advanced urban policy and solutions, we have consolidated our expertise into a learning institution-based in Penang to deepen the capacity of city-makers in the region.

About Think City Institute

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Urban Policy Series

The Urban Policy Series is a special initiative by Think City to bring together key thought leaders in addressing the multiple dimensions of urban transformation. These policy notes aim to raise public awareness about specific issues and frame these issues in a manner that stimulates public debate and policy dialogue.

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The Think City Institute’s course modules include week-long courses in Heritage Management, Placemaking and various labs or solutions-based clinics, some of which, will be co-presented by our partners including the Getty Institute for Conservation, UNESCO, UN-Habitat, Projects for Public Spaces (PPS) and the International Network of Traditional Buildings and Urbanism (INTBAU).

The Institute will also offer tailored capacity building courses for mayors and department heads, senior managers and emerging talent in the public and relevant private sectors.

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Workplace Guides

The Think City Institute has put together some guides which can be used for quick implementation at workplaces and construction sites before the re-start of activities. The guides contain key principles and to-do lists for building and site managers to create healthy and safe work environments for staff & visitors, either during MCO or immediately after.

The guides were written referencing SOPs issued by Malaysian authorities and recommended best practices from around the world.

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Think City’s published works on urban issues and solutions produced in-house and in partnership with thought leaders from around the world.

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