Think City as an experimental organisation

Eager to make a difference and learn more about our work? Check out the extensive library of talks, findings, workshops, and resources compiled from our past projects and other third-party urban development experts.

Implementation Discovery background

Talks & Conferences

Take a listen to talks and videos hosted by industry experts as these 'citymakers' discuss their efforts towards creating better cities.

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Findings & Tools

Read up on various insights and studies we've gathered as well as handy guidelines you'll need when starting your own initiative.

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Ideation Ideation backgrpund
Discovery Prototype/Pilot background


Explore the many workshops in our archive and learn from industry experts like UNESCO and AusHeritage Conferences.

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Dive in and discover useful information from external industry experts that will aid your understanding of the work we do.

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Replication Implementation background
Prototype/Pilot Replication background

Think Squad

Find out more about our youth movement and their active involvement in driving community-based urban rejuvenation.

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