Streetwise Design by Elizabeth Vines

A practical guide for new development and adaptive reuse in Asian liveable cities. Elizabeth Vines is an award winning conservation architect, past president of ICOMOS Australia, visiting Professor at Hong Kong University and Adjunct Professor at the Cultural Heritage and Museum Studies, Deakin University, Melbourne. Asian cities are experiencing rapid growth and historic sites are increasingly under threat from new development that may potentially destroy cultural heritage. Old buildings are frequently torn down and replaced with glass fronted sky-scrapers. How can new development be incorporated into historic sites that is sympathetic to the existing context? Streetwise Design provides practical information for planners, architects and developers for a strategy for new development, as well as guides for making these cities more liveable through public realm improvements.

Date: 04/09/2018

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The City at Eye Level By STIPO

Public space quality is the backbone of a sustainable city. Great streets, places where you intuitively want to stay longer, human scale interaction between buildings and streets, ownership by users, placemaking and good plinths (active ground floors) and a people-centred approach based on the user’s experience – that is what The City at Eye Level is all about. The City at Eye Level is a book, an open source learning network, and a program for improving cities, streets and places all over the world. The second edition was written by over 90 contributors, edited by Stipo and put together in partnership with UN Habitat, Future of Places, Gehl Architects, PPS Project for Public Spaces, the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of PUCRS – Porto Alegre, and Copenhagenize. Download the other book editions here

Date: 10/07/2018

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Using Public Life Tools: The Complete Guide – Gehl Institute

Date: 29/06/2018

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