A Guide for Public Art Projects

A Guide for Public Art Projects provides a clear path on how to implement successful art projects in the public space. It encourages the installation of quality, meaningful and inspirational public art. It outlines the environmental, social and economic benefits of public art and documents the best practices based on Think City’s experience for installations. The guide has been prepared by Think City for their partners and consultants and is relevant to others who are interested in using public art to support urban regeneration. The guide has been developed to ensure high quality public art is delivered to reflect local history, culture and sense of place. It also demonstrates how the community can be part of the process in making public art. The guide showcases Think City’s commitment to liveable and people-centric cities and serves to facilitate the use of arts and culture as an urban regeneration tool that benefits the wider community. Think City supports creative place making interventions to enhance urban regeneration efforts via partnerships with the public, private, non-profit and community sectors.

Date: 01/14/2019

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The Demand-side of Public Service Delivery and the Strengthening of a New Malaysia

Date: 04/19/2019

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