The Think Squad Programme offers students hands-on experience in Think City projects and exposure to community engagements to prepare them as advocates of urban regeneration. 


Think Squad participation in Transformasi Bukit Bintang programme


In line with the philosophy of the ‘Power of Small’, we believe that each individual has a role to play in creating a more sustainable and liveable city. With this in mind, Think Squad was created to encourage the next generation of urbanites to be actively involved in the improvement of public urban spaces, and in representing and realising the wants and needs of the community.


As a programme, Think Squad involves students from both private and public institutions of higher education from diverse professional and technical backgrounds, with the common interest of safeguarding the future of our cities. Participants are given the foundations of urban renewal and a chance to be involved in selected Think City projects with guidance from our team.


Think Squad organising Pop up Placemaking at Medan Pasar, Kuala Lumpur


Think Squad helping with Think City study on KL Liveability City Index


Think Squad helping with Think City study on KL Competitive survey


  Think Squad organising exhibition on Jalan TAR public realm improvement and Klang City Rejuvenation

Think Squad as panellists at Think City Talks during KUL Design Month

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