Think City Sets Sight on Transforming Seberang Perai For a Sustainable Future

Date: Fri 23 Feb, 2024

Location: Butterworth

BUTTERWORTH, 23 February 2024 – Think City, an impact organisation dedicated to enhancing the liveability, sustainability, and inclusivity of cities, announced the Levelling Up Seberang Perai Programme. Supported by the Ministry of Finance (MOF), the inaugural programme introduces comprehensive and actionable plans, including a visionary strategy for Seberang Perai, environmental and conservation education, and the revitalisation of small townships and neighbourhood. Commencing this initiative is the Seberang Perai Grants Programme, offering grants up to RM200,000. This programme aims to empower local communities and propel the historical towns of Seberang Perai towards a green, sustainable, and inclusive future.

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