Visualising Malaysian Cities


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We use evidence-based approach to identify and articulate key and underlying issues in cities. Some of our major works that demonstrate this are the Kuala Lumpur Creative and Cultural District (KLCCD): Strategic Master Plan and George Town World Heritage Site (GTWHS): Population and Land Use Change.


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Kuala Lumpur

Greater Kuala Lumpur

Greater Kuala Lumpur map illustrates the concentration of existing creative industries and cultural services across Kuala Lumpur. This shows the strength and potential of Downtown KL.

Downtown Kuala Lumpur

The Downtown Kuala Lumpur map illustrates the general land use, as surveyed by DBKL and building land use, by Think City. This map is useful for planning bodies to monitor on-going land use activity. It provides an indispensable resource in land use management.

Creative Industries and Cultural Services

This map illustrates the locations of creative and cultural hubs by category (e.g. art centres, advertising firms, galleries and museums) within KLCCD and its surroundings. The public can benefit from the lists of existing heritage assets, cultural attractions and creative enterprises.

Architecture of KLCCD

This map illustrates the richness of the historic urban fabric through the diverse architectural styles in Downtown KL. Among them are traditional shophouses, colonial government buildings and places of worship.

Categories of Heritage Buildings

This map illustrates the categorical collation of heritage buildings officially recognized by Jabatan Warisan Negara and DBKL. This can help inform local and foreign visitors about where the heritage buildings are in the city.

Safe Walk of KLCCD

The Safe Walk of KLCCD map illustrates the walkability and overall comfort of pedestrian walkways throughout the day and night in KLCCD. It may assist local councils and placemaking actors to come up with solutions on how to improve the safety perception of ‘bad’ areas in the city.

Demographics of KLCCD

Demographics of KLCCD map provides an overview of observable demographic trends and urban economies in KLCCD. The employment and population densities in this map represent the concentration of the number of jobs and residents per hectare.

Last Updated: 3 September 2019