Medan Pasar

As part of a government initiative to revive Medan Pasar in historic downtown Kuala Lumpur, Think City is working closely with partner Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur and in collaboration with labDNA to run a series of programming activities to rejuvenate the square.

2015-16 Calendar of Activities

Date Activity
31 OCT & 1 NOV 2015 TEMPATAN FEST, an indie bazaar that featured nearly 70 independent clothing brands and designers, and live bands.
28 NOV 2015 BUY NOTHING DAY, a free market day where goods and services were donated, shared, made, re-purposed, and bartered by over 50 individuals and groups.
2 JAN 2016 MALAM WAYANG, an overnight wayang kulit performance
9 & 10 JAN 2016 SAMA SAMA, an Asean food marketplace.


empatan Fest