Lorong Bandar 13

Lorong Bandar 13 is one of the laneways identified as part of the Laneway Improvement Programme in downtown Kuala Lumpur. The goal of this programme is to create safer, cleaner, more functional and attractive laneways/backlanes in this area of Kuala Lumpur. This laneway will act as a demonstrative project in conjunction with KUL Design Month, which will showcase a series of components that could potentially be adopted in other laneways. The pop – up will be exhibited to the public for 1.5 months before it progresses into the pilot stage, which will be completed before World Urban Forum 9 (February 2018).

DBKL – Project delivery and smart partner
Alam Flora – Waste management advisory
SW Corp – Waste management advisory
Aku Design – Mural artist
KVRGO – Design artist
Dope Films – Videography
Ground Control – Community garden installation
Free Tree Society – Plants contribution
Surrounding community – Ideas and feedback