Signature Parks: Medan Imbi

Signature Park Programme is a debut programme by DBKL and Think City to create a network of pocket parks for KL City Centre that is designed, co-managed and used by local communities. With the vision of making “spaces” into “places”, these green spaces will showcase the strength of public participation and the possibilities of public-private partnership in building our city. Three parks in KL have been identified to jumpstart the Signature Park Programme, located close to each other at Medan Imbi, of the Bukit Bintang precinct. DBKL and Think City believe that these smaller public parks present good opportunities to form community owned public spaces that would help rebuild the sense of citizenship and communal living for KL. To achieve this goal, the design methodology will need to include research and a more involved community engagement programme. We hope that with the community’s help, these public spaces would become an integral part of KL’s identity.