Taman Pantai

Taman Pantai located on Jalan Pantai, across the St. Mark’s Church, is underutilised and in need of upgrade. The only visitors to the park appear to be a handful of old residents, who turn up to while away their time. There are no attractions for the youth and children. Adjacent to the park is a disused plot of land where formally stood a library. Today, it is overgrown with bushes and poses a health hazard to visitors of the park. During the night, the park is visited by transvestites who ply their trade in the dark. This has caused a lingering stigma attached to, and a general aversion of, the park.

The objective of the Taman Pantai Green Corridor (“TPGC”) is to introduce a high quality public park to serve existing and future communities within 1km radius of the TPGC. The TPGC will consist of the existing Taman Pantai, the disused library land, playground across the government hospital, Taman Anjung Bagan and Dataran Pemuda Merdeka