The Penang Island Muncipal Council approached Think City for technical expertise and support in their plans to upgrade and revitalise George Town’s urban markets. There are 3 markets in the site which include Prangin Canal, Campbell Street and Chowrasta Market at Penang road.

All of these markets have strong historical significance and are at different stages of use ranging from derelict (Prangin Canal) to mixed-use (Chowrasta). These markets are crucial in the provision of fresh food and produce that sustains Penang’s famed culinary heritage particularly its hawker fair.

The Urban markets project involves a holistic approach beginning with a Cultural Mapping process and a Social Survey. The latter was carried out in February 2011 involving the use of art as a method of data collection and creating greater awareness about the cultural significance of Chowrasta Market. Together with the Dilapidation Survey, a master plan is currently being developed to identify the most suitable intervention that will help revitalize both these markets.