The Butterworth Action Plan (BWAP)

The Butterworth Action Plan (BWAP), also known as Butterworth Baharu, is a set of four key interventions in Butterworth that has been endorsed by the Penang State Government.



“It was important for Think City to get involved (in Butterworth) as we believe that there is the potential for George Town and Butterworth to be linked in a similar way as Hong Kong and Kowloon,” explained Think City Butterworth Programme Director, Murali Ram. “A simple example is how Butterworth’s commercial district could be improved to absorb and attract more spillover from George Town which has limited commercial space.”

The recently announced RM2 billion Penang Sentral project at the current site of the Butterworth’s ferry terminal, bus terminal and railway station is set to be the northern region’s largest integrated transport hub and holds the key to the town’s revival.

“Bringing about a level of sustainable change in Butterworth means leveraging on the town’s history, geography and transport infrastructure to enhance quality of life while also carrying out targetted intervention to stimulate local interest, buy-in,” said Murali.

Click here for a map of the planned intervention areas in Butterworth.