The George Town Action Plan (GTAP)

The George Town Action Plan (GTAP) aims to balance George Town’s heritage with future development.

The roots for the GTAP were put down firmly at the end of 2013 when Think City signed an MoU with the Aga Khan Trust for Culture (AKTC) for the George Town Strategic Master Plan which led up to the GTAP. According to Think City Executive Director, Hamdan Abdul Majeed, “Up to that point we had done a lot in George Town, but we wanted to move to a ‘tipping point’ where we could bring about sustainable and impactful change (for the city), with a momentum of its own.”

“The GTGP was good at creating small changes, but working with the Aga Khan Trust will bring about significant change in line with our vision to make George Town a liveable city. For example, establishing proper urban design guidelines, returning the waterfront to the people, improving public amenities. This is all part of a structured, planned sequence of urban interventions.”