K2K Aktif Bersama

As part of the K2K Sustainable Public Housing Programme, K2K Aktif Bersama focused on building a healthier community at the PPR Kampung Baru HICOM. Activities such as Walking Groups, Badminton training, and Gardening Workshops were implemented to ameliorate both mental and physical health within the community.

Project Premise

K2K Aktif Bersama aims to build a healthier community at PPR Kampung Baru HICOM, in terms of mental, physical and social health through joint health action programmes. The programme takes a comprehensive family approach to wellbeing, with a primary focus on women and youths, to facilitate simple community behaviour change in a supportive environment to help destress and build a healthier lifestyle and stronger social networks.  

What We Did

Mentally, the B40 community at PPRs have been under much stress financially, emotionally — K2K Aktif Bersama addressed that through videos on mental health, as well as one-on-one Mental Health Consultations. Other programmes such as gardening and Walking Groups which promote physical interactions have also proven to be stress alleviating. Improvement of physical health was done through our Walking Groups which allowed them to meet their neighbours and get healthy together. Other programmes such as Badminton Training for the youths were also considered to cater to the youths of the community who were more keen on the team sport.  The community was engaged throughout the programme, both as participants and as programme leaders. For instance, community leaders were actively consulted for their opinion on which programmes were most relevant for PPR Hicom, and how they could be conducted in the best way during the planning stages. The local community also assisted in arranging workshop logistics and residents who were trained as Walk Leaders would lead the Walking Groups.  

Project Outcomes

The main impact of K2K Aktif Bersama is to achieve a healthier and more cohesive, engaged community. Specifically, the programme was able to:
  1. Improve relationships in the community.
  2. Improve health and wellbeing in Aktif Bersama participants
  3. Improved health literacy
  4. Continued community-led walking groups by empowered residents

The Launch of the Toolkit




K2K Aktif Bersama Toolkit (EN)

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K2K Aktif Bersama Toolkit (BM)

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