K2K Idol

As part of the K2K Sustainable Public Housing Programme, K2K Idol was developed as a way to strengthen the cohesion between members of the community and alleviate the stresses of Covid-19. The online singing competition provided an opportunity for the community to interact and collaborate their efforts in winning a prize for their floor.

Project Premise

The pandemic has proven to be a stressful time for everyone and most importantly within the B40 community at PPRs where social distancing that comes with Covid-19 has further hindered opportunities for neighbours within a community to get to know each other. K2K Idol, an online singing competition for the PPR Kampung Baru HICOM community aimed to tackle the stress by uplifting communities, as well as give the community an online platform and bigger reason to interact with each other.  

What We Did

Development of the programme was designed with input from local community leaders, when it came to programme structure and delivery, to ensure maximum community participation.The project was conducted almost completely virtually via applications such as Smule, Facebook, and Whatsapp where participants submitted videos of themselves and were shortlisted down to five finalists. The finals were recorded physically at a studio and then streamed Live on Facebook for everybody to watch, followed closely with a closing ceremony held later at the PPR HICOM to announce the winners.  

Project Outcomes

The intervention managed to:
  1. Build social cohesion among neighbours​: neighbours got to know each other and made new lifelong connections
  2. Reduce the stress of MCO​: participants reflected that it was a nice respite from the stress of Covid-19 through a creative outlet
  3. Discover talents within the community​: the community now knows who among them are talented, this aims to propel the impact further when the residents get other opportunities to sing/make music
  4. Increase in community spirit at the PPR​: the residents felt empowered by their newfound community at the PPR, knowing that they can rely on each other


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