K2K Sustainable Public Housing Renewal Programme

The K2K sustainable housing programme is designed to reduce cost of living, improve standards of living, and to strengthen management systems via a digital platform in urban public housing communities.

To achieve this goal, the programme works with public housing communities, undertakes research, develops tools and advocates policy change.

Project Premise

The living conditions of the urban poor in public housing are declining, transforming housing blocks into vertical slums. Covid-19 has accelerated this process and highlighted the vulnerabilities of communities living there. Despite poverty reductions of over 90% over the past two decades, there are still almost 3 million people living in 4500 housing schemes nationwide. The current situation persists because of increasing costs of living, deteriorating standards of living, degraded amenities and weak management systems. Think City’s sustainable public housing renewal programme is called K2K or 'Kita untuk Kita' to highlight the self-help and empowerment aspects to embed resilience within the comunities themselves. The programme provides solutions to reduce costs of living, improve standards of living, and strengthen management systems. Think City's recipe for sustainable change in public housing adopts a layered approach of systemic interventions, development of impact measurement tools, research and advocacy for policy change. Public housing solutions are tailored to specific needs, informed by research, and will run for at least five years to achieve the desired long-term impact.  

What We Did

The K2K sustainable public housing programme utilises a digital platform and other engagement tools to gather information on community needs to be able to tailor interventions. Rather than giving aid, the self-help concept of K2K is one making access to competitively priced food, skills and training and other support easy.  

Project Outcomes

  1. 57,231 Data points collected; Total of 39,034 B40community reached; Community data on 2909 households: family, income, health, nutrition, food security; Geo-spatial site and access mapping
  2. 2 Spinoff programmes: K2K Idol singing competition reached around 25,000 views and improved community mood by 67%, and social connections improved with 86% meeting new people; K2K Aktif Bersama achieved improved relationships in the community, improved health and wellbeing in Aktif Bersama participants and improved health literacy.
  3. Over 12 partnerships from government, corporate, civil society and education sectors are part of the programme.
  4. Continued community-led walking groups by empowered residents


Hari K2K Press Folder Citi Foundation Report 2021